With most protein suppliers it is impossible to imagine initiating a crystallography project due to concerns over purity, heterogeneity, formulation and cost. We have extensive experience generating high-quality clotting factors and other proteins, and a distinguished track-record of success in obtaining crystals that diffract.

Ensure maximum potential for crystallization

We offer scientists bulk quantities of protein formulated for crystallisation and aliquotted for large-scale random screens and for optimisation. Our expertise in protein expression and purification allow us to supply to our customers the purest protein in a variety of buffers (including low ionic strength solutions) at high concentrations.

Crystallography Services

We offer a wide array services for crystallographic projects, including:

X-rays On
Bulk production
Optimized aliquoting
Specialized formulations & concentrations
Consultation for project development
Preparation of protein samples for crystallization
(for both protein-protein complexes and protein-ligand complexes)


With CrystalWorks, beginning your
protein crystallography project is just a click away.

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