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Let us make your proteins so you can focus on the science

The Huntington Laboratory

The Huntington Laboratory

We produce pure proteins for research professionals in industry and academia, saving our customers the considerable effort, time and cost of protein expression and purification.

Our ProteinWorks catalogue, and the flexibility afford by CustomWorks allows our customers to obtain the precise protein reagents they require.

Founded and managed by a team of structural biologists, renowned as the most demanding customers for protein reagents, there can be no better supplier of proteins of the highest quality and purity for use in life sciences research. The Cambridge ProteinWorks™ founding-team between them have more than 100 publications in high impact journals relating to protein structure and function, and have been responsible for a number of landmark discoveries.

In addition to our rapidly growing ProteinWorks™ product catalogue we also offer sample preparation for NMR spectroscopy (NMRexpress) and X-ray crystallography (CrystalWorks), as well as a custom protein design and manufacture service, CustomWorks.

We are passionate about protein biochemistry and structual biology, and we love helping customers with protein-related questions or challenges, so please feel free to contact us.

Cambridge ProteinWorks™ is a company spun-out from The Huntington Laboratory at University of Cambridge.

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The Huntington Laboratory at the University of Cambridge.

The Huntington Laboratory at University of Cambridge.