The Cambridge ProteinWorks™ team has years of experience working with recombinant proteins and would like to offer that knowledge to customers via our CustomWorks™ service.

Dan Johnson and Ty Adams

Dan Johnson and Ty Adams

Our team is available to assist customers in formulation and design of experimental parameters to specifically address their scientific hypotheses, including identification of any customized recombinant proteins required, followed by the design, expression, and purification of custom proteins. Any recombinant protein in our catalogue can be modified to contain any specific mutation or groups of mutations, including truncations, active-site alterations, exosite knockouts, and glycosylation deletions.

Proteins can be shipped in custom buffer systems to minimize handling issues. We also offer proteins and protein sample preparation for X-ray crystallography (CrystalWorks™) and NMR spectroscopy (NMR-Express™).

To enquire about how CustomWorks™ can help you, or to obtain a quotation, please complete and submit a contact form .